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What are Occasional Invaders?

It's that time of the year again where little critters are starting to migrate indoors, into your home. They aren’t dangerous and don’t cause many issues, but they are still insects nonetheless and need pest control services. These pests are called occasional invaders.  

Occasional Invaders are insects that enter buildings seasonally or occasionally. These insects normally live outside and venture indoors by accident or by instinct as they search for food, water, and shelter from hostile elements such as extreme cold or heat.  

You typically only see one or two of these pests at a time, which isn’t typically an issue, but, if left untreated, could turn into an infestation. While these pests don’t cause any damage or carry diseases, they are a nuisance and can lead to sanitary issues.  

What type of insect is classified as an occasional invader?

Here are three of the most common occasional invaders: 

  1. SilverFish 
  2. Centipedes 
  3. Crickets 

Since these pests cause minimal damage at most and you usually only see one or two, they are very easy to ignore, but remember, one or two could be the start of an infestation. At Pest Authority, our comprehensive Barrier 360 program creates a barrier around your home to ensure these pests, and others stay out of your house all year round.  

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