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4 Tips to Prevent Flea Infestation

Flea season has arrived, once again, and we are here to tell you how to prevent a flea infestation. Nothing annoys a pet owner more than those pesky pests. Fleas target pets and can infest carpets, bedding, and other surfaces in the home where pets frequent. When fleas take over a home, it can be difficult to control. Fleas can lead to the transmission of harmful diseases in pets and cause allergic reactions in humans. 

You can tell you have fleas, if you notice your pets grooming themselves more than usual this can be them scratching, licking, or, biting their fur excessively. Also, if you see something that resembles coarse, ground black pepper scattered around your home, this is known as “flea dirt, which is adult flea feces that flea larvae consume to mature. Another way to tell if you have fleas is if you have noticed itchy, swollen, red marks appearing on your feet, ankles, or legs, which can be caused by flea bites.  Make sure to look for a professional flea treatment to resolve the issue. 

Here are four ways to prevent a flea infestation:  

  1. Vacuum your home regularly, especially carpets and rugs.  Cleaning your home by sweeping and then vacuuming often is an easy way to prevent flea infestation. Doing this can help kill any larvae embedded in the carpet fibers. When vacuuming and sweeping does not just target high-traffic areas but also baseboards and areas under furniture. After you vacuum your home, make sure to throw away your vacuum bag if possible or empty it outside. 
  2. Make sure to regularly wash your bedding and your pets’ bedding. As pet owners, you probably love cuddling your pet in bed or on the couch. To avoid any fleas from infesting your bed or couch, regularly washing your bedding and blankets is a way you can prevent and remove fleas and eggs. Be sure to also wash your pets’ bedding and anything else your pet likes to lay or sleep on like cushion covers. 
  3. Regularly wash and groom your pets.  You can protect your pets from fleas by regularly bathing and grooming your pet, this reduces the number of pests it carries. Be sure to include your indoor pets because they also are susceptible to fleas. You can check for fleas at home by taking a comb and checking for any dot-like insects in your pet’s fur regularly. Another option is to take your pet to a professional groomer. 
  4. Ask your vet about preventative flea treatments for your pets. Talking to your vet about any preventative flea treatments for your pets is a great way to be proactive about preventing flea infestations. There are many treatments available for pets and your vet can recommend the best treatment for your pet.  

Flea infestations are a hassle, and we want your home, yard, and pets to be flea-free. Following our flea prevention tips for your home and pets is a great way to help prevent flea infestation.  

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